Newmarket Summer Festival 2011

The Festival in Newmarket has marked the arrival of summer for many generations in this lively North Cork town. It is one of the last, traditional week long, festivals that were once common throughout Cork. The festival has gone through many incarnations and has had countless local people involved in it’s organisation throughout the years and the community that runs the festival now owes them all a heavy debt.

This year’s festival runs from the 1st to the 10th of July. The committee has been busy for the last month both planning events and co-ordinating events being organised by other organisations and groups from Newmarket, such as Newmarket Town Development, the ladies football club, Newmarket Town F.C. and the G.A.A.

Many of the old favourites will be featured in this year’s program; the Puc Fáda, the hotly contested Festival Table Quiz, the Darts tournament, the Town Walkabout Quiz, the Car Treasure Hunt and the Festival Irish Music Night.

The Festival will also be featuring some of the new favourites (with a fresh twist) from last year; the family fun day, Ladies Night, The Bike Run and an impressive closing night Fireworks display.

There will be plenty of new additions to this year’s program including a massive balloon release on the opening night, string quartet performing near the Island wood and a puppet show by Pignut Productions from Galway. Also Turbetts Funfair have some breathtaking new amusements for this year’s carnival.

All events can be found on the Events section of this site. For more information checkout the festival Facebook page: