Cúpla Focail Ath Trasna

We are hoping to start a ‘Cúpla Focail Club’ in Newmarket but first want to get an idea if there would be any interest. The idea would be to meet in a pub once a month and just déan iarracht, make an effort to use whatever Irish atá agaibh. You may end up speaking mostly English but that’s fine. Duhallow has a strong history of the Irish language with apparently as much as 400 Irish words in use in our everyday english. If you have always wanted to improve/use do chuild Gailge then this would be an ideal way to start. The people organising it are in no way fluent but we just want to bain trial as, give it a try. The site below is a great resource, good links and a very good online course. If you are interested or would like to help us out send us an email/riomhphoist to contact@athtrasna.com

RTE Bród Club