Tidy Towns 2014

by Ollie Dugdale

As many of you are now aware from our facebook page we scored 269 points in our tidy towns this year. This mirrors our score  from the 2013 competition. The judges report has given us food for thought and outlines the areas where we performed well and also where we could have done better. It goes without saying that we’re a little disappointed having invested more time and money than we ever had in the previous years. The addition of the hanging baskets and the painting that was done throughout the summer without doubt improved the look and feel of Newmarket.   On behalf of the committee I wold like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who came out and worked alongside us throughout the spring and summer.  A special word of congratulations must go to Lisa o Donoghue who was one of only ten people nationwide to be named as a local tidy towns hero. There is no denying that her dedication to the cause was well above the call of duty on several occasions. Tidy towns like everything we do is about the community and for the community I do hope that many new people will join our tidy towns efforts in the years ahead. I invite everybody in our great town to play a part in our present and future projects remember its not about me or you its about you and me and more importantly its about Newmarket.