Newmarket Mayoral Elections 2015

Newmarket Mayoral Campaign 2015 kicks off this weekend (May 9th 2015). This year there are two candidates Maura Sheahan and Daniel O’Doherty. The candidate who raises the most funds through sponsorship cards will be declared Mayor of Newmarket for the following 12 months. The inauguration will be held during Newmarket Summer Festival on Saturday the 27th of June – venue to be decided. All funds raised will be invested in local projects by the Community Development Association.

How can you get involved?

Each candidate will have sponsorship forms and you can buy a line for €2.  There will be a draw the night of the ‘inauguration’ with the following prizes:

1st prize €200

2nd prize €100

3rd prize €50

4th prize €50

You can follow the candidates on their Facebook pages as well to keep up with their campaigns:

Daniel’s facebook page address is and his campaign manager is Ollie Dugdale

Maura’s facebook page address is and her campaign manager is Liz O’Connor

What happens to the money raised?

First off funds raised will pay for running this event (including the prize money) and all profits after that will go the Newmarket Community Development Association.  At the beginning of each year this group starts with bills for insurance in the town and town park along with the bills for the Christmas Lights.  This year they would like to be able to get some new Christmas lights as well as invest some money in plants, paint and other items for Tidy Towns.  The more money they raise the more they can do around our community.

Where to get more information?

There will be regular updates on this site and the Newmarket Notes in the Corkman as well as the development assocation facebook page:

We will keep an ongoing tally of funds raised on the main page of this website – once completed sponsorship cards are submitted to the development association treasurer.  Whoever has raised the most funds by the 27th of June will be declared Mayor of Newmarket for the following 12 months.

Sponsorship cards will be available from all development association committee members and some local businesses.