Parish Newsletter 20th of September 2015


  • Sat.  7.30pm:      Special Intention.
  • Sun 10.00am:     Months mind mass for the late Nora McAuliffe, Castlecourt
  • Sun 11.30am:      John & Kathleen Flaherty and their daughter Nuala, Charleville Road.
  • Sat.  7.30pm:      John T. & Elizabeth O’ Connor, Kiskeam.
  • Sun 10.00am:     Humphrey & Jerry Collins, Glenamuckla.
  • Sun 11.30am:      Ann McAuliffe, Mountkeeffe
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday &   Saturday – Mass at 10am.
  • Thursday – Liturgy of the Word.


Baptism: We welcome into our Christiancommunity Tara Elizabeth Daly.

CHURCH CHOIRS : Are you interested in joining our Parish Choir or Youth Choir? Parish Choir practice takes place on Monday nights at 7.30pm and the Youth Choirs first practice will be held on Thursday 1st October at 7pm in St. Mary’s Church. We look forward to our existing members returning and welcoming new members.

AFTERNOON TEA PARTY: In aid of Action Breast Cancer will be held at the Guiney home, Killowen on Saturday 26th September from 12 noon to 6pm. All welcome.

AUTUMN STATION MASSES: COUNTRY STATIONS: Friday 2nd October @ 7.30pm: Coolagh, The Commons, Meenatarriffe, Gortnaglough and Toureencormack at the home  of Patrick & Mary Murphy.

Monday 5th October @ 7.30pm: Glenlara and Relahan at the home of Tony & Joan O’Keeffe.

Friday 16th October @ 8pm:  Killowen, Priory and Barleyhill Lower at the home of Ollie & Deirdre Clifford.

Friday 23rd October @8pm: The Island and Liscongil at the home of Josephine O’ Keeffe.

Tuesday 27th October @ 7.30pm: Mountkeeffe and Knockduff at the home of Tom & Mary Cussen.

Friday 20th November @ 8pm: Gooseberry Hill, Meenishal & Barleyhill Lower at the home of Michael & Olive O’Flynn.

Other families wishing to host a Station Mass are asked to contact the Parish Office.

GIRLS’ SCHOOL 90th ANNIVERSARY: Newmarket Girls School will hold a 90th Anniversary celebration on Friday 9th October with mass at 7.30pm in St. Mary’s Church followed by a gathering in the Hiland. Tickets  on sale in all local shops. Please support.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOC: Are looking for past & present photo’s of ‘Newmarket through the Years’. Contact 087-9848428 or email

NEWMARKET WALKING GROUP: Commences for the Autumn weekly walks on next Tuesday morning at 10.30am outside St. Mary’s Church. All welcome.

THANK YOU: The Irish Wheelchair Association would like to thank the people of Newmarket & Taur for their generosity at their recent Church gate collection.

ST. JOSEPH’S FOUNDATION: Annual Cycle Walk Run takes place on Sunday 27th September from Baker’s Road. Please support

SHORT BUT SWEET: Mary’s twelve-year-old daughter asked her, “Mom, do you have a baby picture of yourself? I need it for a school project.” Mary gave it to her without thinking to ask what the project was. A few days later Mary was in her daughter’s classroom for a parent-teacher meeting when she noticed her face pinned to a mural   the students had created. The title of their    project was “The oldest thing in my house.”

SOME THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month. Teddy Roosevelt

“I am a firm believer that every few years one needs to shake one’s life through a sieve, like a miner in the Yukon. The gold nuggets remain, the rest falls through like the soft earth it is.” Amy Poehler

“The most important work you will ever do, will be done within the walls of your own home.” Harold B. Lee

“I do have high standards. I look at everything I have done and think, “Why wasn’t that better?”” Michael Palin

“The main thing is this – when you get up in the morning you must take your heart in your two hands. You must do this every morning.” Grace Paley

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.” F. Dostoyevsky

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” May Aelious

“If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short, and there is no time for hate.” Sandy Dahl[Wife of United 93 pilot Jason Dahl]

ONE SENTENCE SERMON: Putting your phone away and paying attention when someone is talking to you: Is there an app for that? It’s called respect !

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Offering support and guidance to bereaved children and families.