Dr. William Maziere Brady

An extract from ‘Seven Cork Clerical Writers’ by James Coleman J.C.H.A.S Vol 9 1903 about Dr. William Maziere Brady who was a Vicar of Clonfert (Newmarket) in the late 1800s:

“Dr. William Maziere Brady, Cavalier of the order of Pius IX and Private Chamberlain to his holiness Leo XIII. Born in Dublin January 8th 1825, died in Rome March 19th 1894.

In 1861 Dr. Brady became Vicar of Clonfert, Co. Cork. The protestant population of the parish was 142 at this time. The annual income was £452 less a curates stipend. It was during this time as vicar of Clonfert that he published “Clerical and Parochial Records of Cork, Cloyne and Ross” (Dublin, Alexander Thom, 1863). In 1873 he was received into the Catholic church by Monsignor Kirby, rector of the Irish College of Rome. He was a staunch unionist in politics and was correspondent of the “Tablet” while in Rome”