Statistical Survey of County Cork 1810

An extract from a statistical survey of county Cork. Rev. Horatio Townsend , Statistical survey of the county of Cork, with observations of the means of improvement; : drawn up for the consideration, and by direction of the Dublin Society (1810)

Duhallow: Towns—Manufactures—Minerals—Seats, etc.

KANTURK and Newmarket, the only towns of this barony, are situate within a short distance of each other, near that range of mountain, which divides this part of the county from Kerry. The road, that passes through these towns, was formerly the principal line of communication between the counties, and probably the primary cause of their origin. Newmarket stands upon the Allo, which after a short course runs into the Dallua, Kanturk being placed a little below their confluence. This river, which occasionally rolls a very large and rapid flood, swelled by the torrents from the neighbouring mountains, falls into the Blackwater at Bantyre.


Newmarket, possessing nothing deserving of notice as a town, is chiefly remarkable for being the seat of the old and respectable family of Aldwortb, who have here a large and handsome mansion house, with very extensive grounds well planted and inclosed. Of the state of these, it is sufficient to say that they are in the occupation of Richard Aidworth, Esq. who is justly esteemed one of the best and most enterprizing agriculturists in the county.”