The McAuliffe Clan

2012 McAuliffe Gathering

The sixth McAuliffe Clan Gathering took place in Newmarket, July 2012.  To view photographs of the McAuliffe Gathering weekend follow this link:
McAuliffe’s from all over Ireland and the world travelled to Newmarket, some repeat visitors and as always first time visitors, young and old. For some people attending our Gatherings is a deep and meaningful experience; our ancestors/we are a people of a place. To quote D.H. Allen “Duhallow is the cradle of the McAuliffes”. All, including the “deep and meaningful visitors” have great craic meeting old friends and family and making new friends.


In the beginning
Auliffe Álainn was the first McAuliffe Chieftain, he was born circa 1214 and would have been alive when Dermod McCarthy received the Lordship of Duhallow – between 1261 and 1300. It seems likely that in the new arrangement of Duhallow by McCarthy More, Auliffe Álainn received Clanawley as his partrimony. Auliffe is an Irish name derived from “Amhailgadh” which means “willow or sally”, Álainn means beautiful – Auliffe Álainn from the Beautiful, whom are Clan Auliffe.

To view the McAuliffe history timeline, follow this link:
Also, on The MacAuliffe Site you can learn about the history of the MacAuliffes – their lands, castles and the battles they fought.

Clonfert (Meadow of the Graves) traditional burial place for McAuliffes of Clanawley

McAuliffe legends
To read the McAuliffe legends by Edward Walsh, The Duhallow Poet follow this link:

A Trip to Mylon’s Rock, Shreelawn Wood, Newmarket

The Country of the Noble McAuliffe – O’Heeran circa 1400
Far beyond the bountiful river Allo,
And westward of Glen Celcian of the stately trees,
In a fair land of plentiful gatherings,
The Country of the noble Mac Auliffe

by Frances McAuliffe 12/12/12