Parish Newlsetter 14th of June 2015


  • Sat.  7.30pm:      Johnny Enright, The Island.
  • Sun 10.00am:     Dan & May Cahill, Taur.
  • Sun 11.30am:     Barry Buckley, recently deceased.
  • Sat.  7.30pm:      Michael McCarthy, Guiney’s Tce.
  • Sun 10.00am:     Dan McAuliffe, Glash Bridge.
  • Sun 11.30am:     Pat Joe Jones, Curraduff.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday – Mass at 10am.
  • Thursday – Liturgy of the Word at 10am.

LAST WEEKEND’S COLELCTION: OFFERTORY: €2,046.00, SHRINES: €194.00, DIOCESAN FUND : €350.00, SPECIAL COLLECTION: €000.00. Sincere thanks for your generosity.

CLOYNE SICK PRIESTS’ BENEVOLANT FUND: Will be taken up at all masses next weekend, 20th & 21st June. Please support.

CORPUS CHRISTI PROCESSION: Thanks to everyone who came out to take part in the Corpus Christi Procession last Sunday morning and to all who helped in any way in making it a special occasion.

PILGRIMAGE TO KNOCK: The annual M.S. Pilgrimage to Knock will take place on 8th, 9th & 10th July. A few seats are still available. Contact Maura on 029-60565 or 087-9183981.

MEDJUGORJE PILGRIMAGE: From September 2nd to September 9th. Pilgrimage accompanied by Spiritual directors. Contact Pat on 029-60221 or 087-2505528 for more details.

THANK YOU: The Cork North West Branch of Multiple Sclerosis would like to thank the people of Newmarket & Taur for contributing to their recent church gate collection.

CLONFERT CEMETERY CLEAN UP: The next monthly clean up of Clonfert cemetery will take place on Saturday, 20th June from 10am to 1pm. New volunteers welcome.

NEWMARKET PARENT & TODDLER GROUP: Will host an Ice Cream fun morning in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland on Wednesday, 17th June from 10.30am to 12.30pm in the CYMS hall. Everyone welcome. Please support. The parent & toddler group meet every Wednesday morning and it is a great social gathering for both children and parents.

CAMP CELEBRATE: Bookings now being taken for camps which will take place in the CYMS hall on July 13th to 17th and July 27th to 31st. Suitable for primary school children these camps are jam packed with activities including baking, drams, arts & crafts and more. To book phone 086-1235928 or

BLOOD DONOR CLINIC: Will be held in the Green Glens Arena, Millstreet on Monday, 15th June from 5pm to 8.30pm. Please come along and donate blood and help with the increasing demand from hospitals and patients in the region.   For full details on giving blood log onto or phone 1850731137.

MARYMOUNT HOSPICE: Thank you for your kind generosity on ‘Sunflower Day’, 5th June. The total amount collected was €3,376.00. All proceeds go directly to support the work of the hospice & home care team. Thanks to all who helped and supported this worthy cause and the local businesses for your co-operation. Your support is greatly appreciated.

SUMMER OUTING: Newmarket Summer Outing will take place on Sunday, 19th July. Visiting Ballymaloe Shop & Gardens, Shanagarry, Garryvoe Beach & Mahon  Point for a bit of shopping – it’s guaranteed to be a great day out. Dinner will be served at the Wild Goose, Mallow. Contact Mary Stack on 029-60444   or Bridie Allen on 029-60425.

SHORT BUT SWEET:One spring day, three-year-old Douglas helped his grandfather fertilise the lawn. When the job was finished, Grandpa handed his grandson two euro. “Well, Douglas,” Grandpa said, looking at the lawn, “what do you think?” Looking at the money in his hand, Douglas confidently replied, “I think it needs to be done again, Grandpa!”


“Busy is a drug that a lot of people are addicted to.” Rob Bell

“Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.” Eckhart Tolle

“Things present themselves to you, and it’s how you choose to deal with them that reveals who you are.” Cate Blanchett

“My father could have been a great comedian but he didn’t believe that was possible for him, and so he made a conservative choice. Instead, he got a safe job as an accountant and when I was 12 years old he was let go from that safe job. I learned many great lessons from my father. Not the least of which was that: You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” Jim Carrey

“What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what sort of person you are.” C.S. Lewis

“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” Emory Austin

“Lots and lots of things scare me; but you just get on with it, fright can transform into petrol. You just have to use it to your advantage.” Judi Dench

ONE SENTENCE SERMON: The hardest battle you’ll ever fight: Who you are now versus Who you want to be.

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Find out about Youth2000 and their work with young people. International 25th anniversary Mass Saturday 20th June, Youth2000 Summer Festival  13th-16th August more details found on their website.

DREAMS COME TRUE: Good morning world – It’s me again,  I am up and ready – For my day to begin. I am ready – To start anew, To do what I must – to make my dreams come true. I will not give up – No matter what I do I will keep moving forward – that’s my promise to you. Let’s all start the day – With a great big smile Let’s all work – On Happiness for a while. Life is too short – Not to do what you like So get up today – And start with a strike. It’s time you made your Dreams come true No more waiting for me and you !