Newmarket Parish Website Launched

Newmarket & Taur Parish website is now live and can be viewed on

The main objectives of the new parish website are to provide a) online access to almost all parish information, b) improved communication with parishioners and c) opportunities for greater engagement by all in the parish.

Main website features

  • Times of all regular services and key dates for the coming year.

  • Information and contacts for all parish groups.

  • Information on all seven sacraments.

  • All rosters for both churches.

  • Availability dates for booking Baptisms, Weddings or Mass Intentions.

  • Upcoming Events.

  • Recent news blog and news archive.

  • Latest newsletter and newsletter archive.

  • Photo galleries.

  • Thought of the day feature.

  • All content such as photos, news etc. can be shared especially via social media.

  • Plus a lot more.